5 Reasons for Chronic Pain

5 Reasons for Your Chronic Pain

Davonna Willis Chronic Pain

This is for people who are tired of dealing with chronic pain every day. Are you on pharmaceutical pain medicine and is tired of taking multiple pills a day? This is for someone who would like to enjoy their life without having to deal with pain as a normal situation. Experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress.

The 5 Reasons for Chronic Pain

    1. An injury that never healed correctly
    2. An injury that occurred that was never addressed
    3. Extreme life-changing event. ie: car accident
    4. Age
    5. Poor Posture

Now that you know the reasons, I know your next question is how do I fix this problem? Well, the 1st thing is that you have to identify contributing factors to the problem and eliminate or reduce them. What does that mean? You will have to look to see what you are doing repeatedly. For example, if you sleep on one side all night and you are wondering why you have neck and shoulder pain, that may be the cause. On the other hand, if you sit at a desk all day at work and you are starting to have low back and hip pain, the sitting may be the cause.

In some cases, you may have to increase motion in the joints that are stiff. Meaning if you sit all day; take breaks throughout the day to stretch. Lastly, you have to re-educate your body in trying a different and/or new position. Like in the previous example: If sleeping on one side, you may try new sleeping patterns like starting on the opposite side, purchasing a more supportive pillow or rotate positions throughout the night. However, if you sit all day, try to adjust your chair at your desk and make sure you are sitting in the most ergonomic position to decrease the pain, purchase a stability ball to sit on or a standing desk. These are suggestions that you may one to try. You have to decide which tip will work best for your situation.

These issues can also be addressed with sports rehabilitation and massage therapy. These treatments will help get the joints and muscles in alignment and working to its optimal level. Having a skilled physical therapist providing a thorough evaluation and assessment for a chronic pain or discomfort is important. Once the evaluation and assessment are completed a treatment plan will be made. In this treatment plan, there will be one on one hands-on manual therapy, strengthening and soft tissue massage. This will occur to help with re-educating the muscle patterns.

We had a client report that she had neck, shoulder and wrist pain. She had radiating pain down her arms into her hands. She typed a lot at work and she loved to cook and use her hands in various art projects at home. She slept with a brace on both hands every night. She had pain constantly. She couldn’t hold things for too long, she had pain after typing. She wasn’t able to turn jars because of the weakness in hands. Had frequent headaches.
Her headaches are gone. She doesn’t have the pain radiating down her arms. She is able to sleep without the brace. Her ROM increased. She went on a family trip and realized that she didn’t have any problems with gripping the handles while mountain biking with her family.

When you’re living free of pain or decrease pain you are able to get solid hours of sleep comfortably. You are able to play with your children or grandchildren without worrying You will be able to enjoy your life by doing everyday activities like cooking, cleaning or golfing or just walking without the pain. Lastly, surgery may not be an option. Call now 480-935-3132 to schedule your Free 20 Minute Discovery visit to see how we may be able to help you.

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