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Parent Tip: Active Kids Become Healthy Adults, says Gilbert PT

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GILBERT, AZ – With child obesity still an epidemic in the U.S. and reams of research showing both the immediate and long-term benefits of youth exercise, it’s the duty of parents today to make movement and activity a part of kids’ lifestyles, says Gilbert physical therapist Makkeda Rubin-Deloney. And the first step in teaching kids to be active, Rubin-Deloney adds, …

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Focus on Strength, Balance Exercises to Prevent Falls, says Gilbert PT

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GILBERT, AZ – During a time when the U.S. is so focused on reducing the cost of overall medical expenses, Gilbert physical therapist Makkeda Rubin-Deloney shared a staggering number that, according to medical professionals, could be significantly reduced through preventative care: $67.7 billion.  That, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will be the total cost for fall injuries experienced by older Americans (65+) …

Gilbert Physical Therapist | Injury in New Parents

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Repetitive movements can cause pain, injury in new parents, says Gilbert PT GILBERT, AZ – While injuries such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow — known as repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) — are often linked to an occupation or some type of sports or recreation activity, Gilbert physical therapist Dr. Makkeda points out that the physical rigors of …

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Winter Olympics highlight importance of balance, flexibility, says Gilbert PT

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GILBERT, AZ – As millions marvel at the world’s top competitors performing athletic feats on cold, wet and slippery surfaces during this month’s 2018 Winter Olympics, Gilbert physical therapist Dr. Tanya Shadle sees an ideal educational opportunity for local athletes and fitness-minded people. While we watch Alpine skiers speed through difficult downhill courses and figure skaters bound balletically across the …

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Reducing Low Back Pain

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One tip on how to reduce back pain is something that many people are familiar with. One of the major stretches we show our patients, is the knee to chest stretch. The patient is laying on their back on a flat surface and you bring your knee up to your chest. When you do that you should feel the stretch …

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3 Steps To A Great New Year!

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Now I know what you’re thinking…how does a massage make my New Year GREAT?! Good question! And one that I will answer by telling you the 3 easy steps you need to take to make you feel great. Everyone knows that when you feel good, life is just better. And feeling good comes from the inside out. What you eat, …

What’s the Big Deal About Detox/Cleansing?

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You know the feeling after a Holiday meal – full, bloated, can’t move. UGH! You also know that you gain the most weight during the winter months due to slower metabolism, more festive eating and less exercise due to the shorter days. You just want to lie around and snuggle up. Time to DETOX AND CLEANSE!! Detox/Cleanse is a great …

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The 4 Secrets of How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life!

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You’ve heard about them…maybe even tried them…but what are Essential Oils and HOW do they work? Even more importantly, WHY do I need them? I’m glad you asked! My name is Dianne Evans and I’m a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Aromatouch Practitioner. I first discovered Essential Oils as a student of Massage Therapy. Essential Oils were presented to us …