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Mind your back(pack) during back-to-school

Davonna Willis Back Pain, Corrective Posture Exercise, Massage Therapy

Gilbert Massage Mind your back From homework and tests to extra-curricular activities, students already shoulder plenty of weight during back-to-school time. Their backpacks should be the least of their worries. Unfortunately, due to the lack of awareness or simple disinterest (or both), backpacks can pose a health risk to kids and students of all ages. “Wearing a backpack incorrectly or …

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3 Steps To A Great New Year!

Davonna Willis Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Therapy

Now I know what you’re thinking…how does a massage make my New Year GREAT?! Good question! And one that I will answer by telling you the 3 easy steps you need to take to make you feel great. Everyone knows that when you feel good, life is just better. And feeling good comes from the inside out. What you eat, …