Healing with Humanity

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This month’s blog post was slated to be all about your immune system and how you can improve and protect it…but then life happened.  It is happening so loudly that to not acknowledge it would be a disservice.  Fear is so thick in the air you can taste it on the breeze.  Even the weather has been moody and dangerous for the last few days.  In recent weeks we have seen sickness and death come close to all our doorsteps, we have witnessed human nature at its worst and our wounds are deep and festering.  We, as a nation, are afraid and scattered. Some are scared of sickness, others are scared of oppression.  Some people are afraid of violence, while others are afraid of not being heard.  Mostly, we’re all just frightened at the number of Great Unknowns in what is now obnoxiously referred to as “the new normal.” Understanding that a certain type of fear is ingrained in every one of us right now is the first step towards empathy and understanding for one another.   

Healing is not a quick process, as any of our clients can attest, it’s a long term game that involves dedication, motivation, with a passion to be healthy again. 

These same concepts can be applied to our current situation.  It’s taken a long time to create this much hurt and unrest, finding neutrality, or health will take effort and patience.  “What effort is that?” you might wonder?  Most of us are just trying to make it to the end of the day and to our pillows before a new day starts and demands everything of us.  We mean well and wish to help, but life, every-day, run-of-the-mill, paying-your-bills, kids-need-everything, work-is-crazy, always-feels-like-a-mad-house life never seems to end; so where do you find the time or effort to make the world a better place?

Here are a few examples:

  • Use your blinker, it’s as simple as clicking on a light switch and is much appreciated.  
  • Tell the retail worker “thank you” when they help, you would be shocked how rarely they hear anything positive. 
  • Check your attitude when dealing with others, be the person your grandma would be proud of.  
  • Even if your life does not involve leaving your home or interacting with others at this time, you could water a thirsty looking plant and hum it your favorite tune, plants have been shown to react positively to gentle sounds, just like people do.  

Each act of kindness is like a pebble being thrown into a lake of humanity.  An army of tiny pebble-sized ripples of Kindness may well be the only chance we have of making it out of this together.  

Humanity is capable of truly great things, from medical breakthroughs to space station launches to cotton candy-flavored grapes, we know no bounds.  Love for our fellow man is not rocket science, it is not hard and does not take labor, just an open and willing heart.  Live your life today, find something to make you smile, and find some kind way to put your version of “Good” out into the world.  Our future deserves to be healthy but we can only heal if everyone plays their part, remember we are all in this together.

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