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Reducing Low Back Pain

Davonna Willis Chronic Pain

One tip on how to reduce back pain is something that many people are familiar with. One of the major stretches we show our patients, is the knee to chest stretch. The patient is laying on their back on a flat surface and you bring your knee up to your chest. When you do that you should feel the stretch in your glutes and low back. If you have knee pain, you won’t hold it in front of your knee, but underneath your knee, under the thigh area. You are holding for about 30 seconds and you are doing this 5 times each knee.

Many of you already probably do this stretch but question is, How often are you actually doing this stretch? So, the key is to be doing these stretches regularly, throughout your day and every day for preventative purposes. So as it gets easier for you, you can increase the seconds from 30 seconds to 40, 50 seconds 5 times each side.

If you have any questions regarding the stretch or if you are confused on what type of surface, you can lay on the floor or a firm bed that is flat enough. Please feel free to call us at 480-935-3132 to come in for a FREE Discovery visit with our Dr of Physical Therapy. This is 20 minutes you have with the doctor to discuss your low back pain and what we would be able to help you within our wellness center. We look forward to hearing from you!

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