Orthotics Therapy Gilbert


Our full-length or 3/4 length custom orthotics are hand crafted to your unique needs!

  • Runner/Walker

  • Diabetic/Geriatric

  • Dress 3/4 length

  • Dress sulcus length

  • Golf

  • Cycling

  • Triathlete

  • Downhill Ski Boot/Hockey Skate/ Figure Skate

  • Racing Flats- Super Light Weight

  • Cross Country and Track Spikes

  • Football, Soccer and Baseball Cleats

  • And…. More….

The Orthotic Design

  • Antimicrobial and Moisture-wicking fabric.

  • EVA foam. Density of Foam varies depending on Body weight and height

  • Gel heel pad for extra shock absorption

  • Polyethylene shell that mimics the natural motion of the foot. Density of shell materiel varies depending on body weight and height.

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