What is your Lymphatic System?

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What on earth is a Lymphatic system and why are these Blue Skyes ladies always going on and on
about it? Well, let me tell you, your lymphatic system is directly linked to your entire immune system! Think of
your lymphatic system as a river. This river travels mainly through the front half body, all the way from your big
toe to your forehead. This river works as your body’s Garbage Man, collecting toxins and cellular debri that
your body wants to get rid of. The trash is picked up by the river and transported to your digestive system so
that the trash can exit with the rest of your body’s waste. Sounds simple right? EXCEPT when you realize that
your lymphatic system ONLY flows with muscle movement! When you’re told to “walk for at least 30 minutes
daily” it’s not just your weight that you’re helping, that walking movement is what propels your river to flow
through the whole body and help keep you healthy.

With this idea of your Lymphatic system working as a river, it is important to keep in mind how clean
and full your river is. Reflect on the last 24 hours and honestly imagine how your Lymphatic river might look
right now. Is it full of clean water rushing strong, or is it murky colored, low, and moving at a sluggish pace?
When you eat and drink, forget about counting calories, and instead try imagining what you’re dumping into
your river and if it will help or hinder your lymphatic system.

Here at Blue Skyes, we promote getting an Ionic Foot Detox to get the best idea of what is happening
with the toxins in your body. This 30-minute foot bath uses positively charged ions to pull toxins through the
bottoms of your feet and give you a visual representation of the current state of toxic buildup in the different
systems in your body. This is usually followed by a Lymphatic Drainage Massage where we use specialized
techniques to promote proper lymphatic movement and give your immune system a boost.

As we near flu season and Covid-19 still hangs in the air, it’s never been so important to protect your
immune system and to start thinking proactively about your health. Masks and gloves are a good way to start,
but knowing that your immune system is strong enough to fight off viruses is far more helpful! Your body is an
incredible machine capable of healing on so many levels and all we need is be tuned into its needs. Keep
your river clean, keep your body healthy!

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  1. Blue Skyes’ team goes bove and beyond to keep me healthy. Love the message and the tips I can also use at home. Love the angle that was used to explain how our lymphatic system works , like a river to rid itself of toxins that cause pain and stiffness.

    Please continue to educate your clients on the importance of stay well and healthy. Thank you Blue Skyes massage and wellness center.
    Sign me up for my 10% discount also 🥰

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