What’s the Big Deal About Detox/Cleansing?

Davonna Willis Lymphatic Drainage

You know the feeling after a Holiday meal – full, bloated, can’t move. UGH!

You also know that you gain the most weight during the winter months due to slower metabolism, more festive eating and less exercise due to the shorter days. You just want to lie around and snuggle up.

Time to DETOX AND CLEANSE!! Detox/Cleanse is a great way to reset your body to perform at its highest level by cleaning up your gut, removing heavy metals and putting the GOOD STUFF back in!

Did you know that most illnesses start in your gut? That’s where we process food, extract nutrients and eliminate waste. If your gut is out of whack or crammed with unhealthy food, it slows down and doesn’t run efficiently. That triggers your Lymphatic System, (Immune System), to slow down which leaves you unprotected and unable to defend yourself from viruses, illness, swelling, etc.

That’s why a safe, easy Detox/Cleanse is so good for you.

At Blue Skyes Massage & Wellness, we’ve put together a FANTASTIC program so you can start the New Year off right! We’ve got you covered from head to toe, inside and out!

Our Detox Delight incorporates an Ionic Foot soak that pulls heavy metals from your system. You can see the water change color and gunk comes out. The different colors indicate which metals you have most in your system as it removes them. And the foot soak is so relaxing!

Our next amazing treatment is a one-hour Lymphatic Drainage massage. This is a light-touch massage that stimulates your Lymphatic system, reduces swelling and makes you feel energized!

Finally, doTERRA Essential Oils has a 30-Day Cleanse and Renew kit that is specifically designed to gently cleanse your system AND replace it with the essential vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics you need to be healthy.

Included in the kit are a 30-day supply of Life-Long Vitality, Lemon Essential Oil, Probiotics and much more!

My suggestion to you is to get the kit now and book your Detox Package ASAP for January! We will fill up FAST!

Now is the time to take care of yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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