Why We Love Ionic Foot Detox

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If you’ve been following us on social media or reading our newsletters, then you already know we have more than a little bit of love for the Ionic Foot Detox and are constantly looking for ways to introduce it to our clients. This modality has it all; a no-contact treatment option that is non-invasive, painless, simple, and yet incredibly powerful! To sit and watch as toxins are physically pulled from your lymphatic system is quite the experience. Seeing is truly believing with this one, and every single client has a different experience. 

So how does it work?

In the simplest terms, your lymphatic system is the body’s garbageman. As your body creates debris, it tosses its waste into the garbage system so that it can be moved through the body and eventually deposited into your digestive tract to go out with the rest of the waste in your body. With the Ionic Foot Detox, we are going straight to the source to pull toxins from the lymphatic system, thus allowing us to take a peek inside your body. 

After a quick 30 minute soak, your footbath will no longer be filled with clear water, but instead with a variety of colors and textures that all represent your different systems and how they are fairing. For example, thick bubbles will mean your lymphatic system is experiencing a blockage, dark browns will indicate liver detoxification, and black specks reveal heavy metal deposits. Each organ and system has a different way of presenting itself, and every bit of color is a toxin that is no longer being held in your body! 

As massage therapists, you may think we only care about muscles, but the reality of it is that the body is a whole system, and everything is connected. Your lymphatic system is directly tied to your body’s ability to fight infections and sickness through your immune system. Toxic build-up in the body can lead to a laundry list of side effects that include tiredness, aching or discomfort, swelling, hardening of the skin tissues, and limited range of motion. The cleaner your systems are, the better the body works, and the better we can help facilitate real whole-body healing.

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